"Fleiv's expertise in digital marketing has revolutionized our lead generation, increasing the quantity of high-quality candidates, while also significantly reducing the time and costs associated with our candidate search. Their impact on our success is undeniable."
Rafael Dias
Senior Partner

Challenge: Finding High-Quality IT Talent

Dialster.com, a leading player in IT talent recruitment, was facing a common challenge in their industry—identifying and attracting high-quality IT professionals who precisely matched the needs of their client companies.

The competition for top IT talent was fierce, and they needed a way to stand out and connect with top-tier candidates.

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Faster Client-Candidate Matching

Targeted Social Media Advertising

We created highly targeted ad campaigns on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook to reach IT professionals with the right skills and experience. These ads highlighted the benefits of working with Dialster.com.

Engaging Content Creation

Our team produced engaging content, including informative articles and videos, showcasing the benefits of working with Dialster.com. We also highlighted success stories of IT professionals who had found their dream jobs through Dialster.com.

Community Building

We developed a thriving community on LinkedIn where IT professionals could connect, share insights, and explore job opportunities. This community fostered trust and positioned Dialster.com as a valuable resource.

Real-time Analytics and Optimization

We closely monitored the performance of our lead generation campaigns, making real-time adjustments to maximize their effectiveness.

Solution: Customized Lead Generation Strategy

Dialster.com turned to fleiv to develop a lead generation strategy that would help them connect with IT professionals looking for new opportunities. We recognized that to attract the best talent, we needed to engage potential candidates where they spent a significant amount of their time—social media platforms.

Results: Exceptional Lead Generation and Talent Acquisition

Thanks to the custom lead generation strategy provided by fleiv, Dialster.com achieved outstanding results:

Boost in Social Engagement

A 300% increase in the number of IT professionals engaging with their brand on social media platforms.

Increase in Qualified Leads

A 150% increase in the volume of high-quality leads, which included IT professionals actively seeking new career opportunities.

Enhanced Brand Awareness and Trust

A significant boost in brand awareness and trust among IT professionals, making Dialster.com a preferred choice for job seekers and employers in the IT sector.

This client success story demonstrates how a targeted lead generation strategy can help companies in highly competitive industries, such as IT talent recruitment, stand out and achieve remarkable results. Dialster.com continues to be a go-to resource for IT professionals and businesses looking for top IT talent, thanks to their partnership with fleiv.

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